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The trees before me

Wave an acknowledging hello

As the wind escorts the clouds

All blue and gray

Over the mountain peak.

And unexpected joy

Seeps into my skin as

A deer wanders near my seat and stops to stare.

An ant wanders onto my foot.

I know he is lost

For I have nothing to

Offer him.

Back to the dirt he returns.




Summer light swirling in your eyes;



You look up,

Grin at me and continue reading aloud.

Your voice like music

Stirring an uncontrolled symphony of feelings In my belly;

Ecstatic thoughts in my mind.

And the breeze caresses skin.

The birds sing

And we are lost once again

In a place only we know.

I Am


I get up early

And walk to the field  just as light peaks over

The ridge.

The birds sing me welcome.

I hear rustling in the grass

And am met with the pleasant stare

Of a doe.

I look around and see another doe.

One has two fawn and the other three.

I sit and feel my heart


Here is where I am always welcomed.

Here is where I am 


I am not broken nor am I lost.

I am.