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Before I remember,

When i began to walk

I think,

I started carrying your disappointment and Fear

On my back.

And when my staggering posture became noticeable


Carefully moved it

Behind my ribcage

Between my heart and my stomach,

Rearranging my insides for you.

It was almost impossible to breathe,

Impossible to eat.

Though I thought that is what good children do.

As I grew I realized

You did it for your mother and father too.

This was all you knew.

I am grateful we broke our hearts open.


We broke the silence.




Sing sweet. Sing slow to me.

In the sun,

In the night.

Keep tapping on my heart.

We get so confused,

So lost and overwhelmed.

Let so many doubts fill our eyes

When we know

The truth.

The truth.

We get so afraid

Of rejection, of love.

But this life, this most beautiful life

Live with your heart open,


We are all skin and bone here

On this plane,

This reality.

But love,

Love is in all planes.

It is the only

Steadfast reality.

Love, Love, Love.