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She begs him 
Write for her 

Morning, noon and night

Of dreams and things to come

Of the past

To reach inside himself

Release restraints and doubts

And make her feel those things

She has never felt

To turn her inside out 

Peel away illusions.

Show her.

Immerse her in worlds beyond talk or action;

Where the mind no longer





You can take pen to paper

And write how lovely she is,

How your heart beats steady when you are

With her.

She will think it was for a girl long gone,

The one you could not have.

You could play her songs of love

And hold her close.

She will believe that you dream of someone 

Else with more beauty,

More elegance.

You could hold her hand and draw her near,

She will never believe

She is good enough,

Smart enough,

Strong enough,

Pretty enough.

She will always believe you want more of someone else.



I dreamt a dream of times past;

Of you and I.

And I was overwhelmed with


I began to weep.

How can my heart be light yet heavy at once?

Thinking to capture you

I reach for pen and paper.

To write you down.

To read you forever.


The ink had run dry.

To tired and weary to rise from my bed

I kept the memories

Lit inside me.

I placed my head on my pillow

And went back to dreaming instead .



I must write today.
I must paint the sun
In rhymes.
Or not.
I must urge you to taste the
With your heart.
Become the air as it dances with
The leaves of the trees.
I ask you to
Close your eyes
Let a cloud roll
Your tongue.
Sense the heat of the sun
As it plays on your skin.
Take notice as the ink amuses itself in your

Leaving every word a memory indelibly

Impressed upon your soul.
Forever a part of you.