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To live and breathe unattached

Is most beautiful

And free.

To let the words flow and go.

Create art from the heart and soul without Expectation of

Any accolades.

To dance without expectations of applause.

To release all the power contained within this Vessel

In love

Leaves room to flow and feel the euphoria

Of life energy;

To let it come

And let it go.

Simply because.

Love and love some more.

Listen and listen some more.

The more released the more

Realized and the veil


Comprehension now your choice.


In Between


You are the moon

And the the stars and

The air in between that touches me,

That fills me and empties me;

The gravity and the lack thereof,


And all the time.

Pulling me, freeing me.

My lungs, my heart, my mind and skin

Crave and weep.

Bliss. Rhapsody.

I want more.



You can take pen to paper

And write how lovely she is,

How your heart beats steady when you are

With her.

She will think it was for a girl long gone,

The one you could not have.

You could play her songs of love

And hold her close.

She will believe that you dream of someone 

Else with more beauty,

More elegance.

You could hold her hand and draw her near,

She will never believe

She is good enough,

Smart enough,

Strong enough,

Pretty enough.

She will always believe you want more of someone else.

Shallow End



None of us are who we seem to be.

We walk around in the shallow end of 


Waiting for the tide to come in,

For the ocean itself 

To come to us.


Unsure of our desires, our heartbeat, our 

When we should just run

And laugh and

Scream with joy as we


As we

We rush in 


We are so much more.

So very much more.