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You can take pen to paper

And write how lovely she is,

How your heart beats steady when you are

With her.

She will think it was for a girl long gone,

The one you could not have.

You could play her songs of love

And hold her close.

She will believe that you dream of someone 

Else with more beauty,

More elegance.

You could hold her hand and draw her near,

She will never believe

She is good enough,

Smart enough,

Strong enough,

Pretty enough.

She will always believe you want more of someone else.

All of Me For Me


For so many years I hid bits of myself.
I tucked
My favorite Legos in the floorboards,

In the house where the gun went off.

Hoping someday someone would find them and

Create something admirable.

I wrote my name in nooks
And secret places hoping someday
Someone would read me;

My book.

I placed my voice in a jar
And put it in a corner
Hoping someday
Someone would find it,

It and hear me;

My song.

I am going back and collecting these bits of me
For I know my worth now
And those bits are too lovely to keep hidden

In dark places;

Too lonely to wait any longer

Simply wishing to be found by another.

All of me for me.

We Have Each Other


I followed him into his garden.

And there we held each other

And listened as our hearts sang in


The sky darkened

And that is when I heard


Weeping silently.

We wept together

Holding on until our hearts began singing a familiar song.

And as the sky cleared we heard others singing out too,

“We have each other.

We have each other.”

Always Knows


I wander freely
Journeying the valley floor.
And when I am worn and weary
I rest my bones
On the rivers edge.
I listen to her song;
Wonder at
Her ever changing beauty

Magnified through icicles and frost.
I see the snowy mountains rising

Thoughts of past and future leave

Here I am.
And I remember
These songs resuscitate my heart;
Settle my mind.
Mother Earth always knows how to

Speak to my soul.

She knows without hesitation

What to say in the silence.

Unforgiving Walls


I close my eyes,

I breath you in.

Beauty becomes my soul.

Your arms embrace me,

Hold me still.

My breath,

For once,

Is whole.

My heart is beating

A rhythm true.

A sound I’ve held so tight.

My soul is lifting



Never has it been so high.

I am singing a new song.

One my heart vaguely recalls.

One that has been hidden