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Receptors heightened.

A rush of heat

Surges through my blood.

A song rises from my lips

As I speak your name.

A vibration timeless.

And my heart lifts to the heavens.

No distance between us

In that moment.

I hold you still and

Always will.




I stepped outside

And it hit me like a wave;

The smell of fresh dirt;

The forest floor and raspberries.

Fresh raspberries.

Right there on the cement

Surrounded by cars and buildings.

Heartfelt memories tugging.


A scent that cannot be duplicated by man.

I knew instantly in my heart it was my father,

Gone 20 years now.

I was taken back to childhood

Days and picking delicious raspberries in the woods;

Eating more than ended up in the bowl.

I composed myself and

Walked to my car.

Sitting in the front seat;

Missing him.

I turned the key to start the


And there was his song playing.

The one my siblings and I requested on the Radio station the day of his funeral.

I am glad he reminds me he is near.



You must have been an


A made up someone in my


For I wandered these stone stairwells


I roamed through

Winters withering garden

Following your song.

I knew I should find shelter,

Somewhere to warm my core.

But once outside I could return

Inside no more


I was met with barred windows and

Locked doors.

I found you in the courtyard.

I tried to reach you.

Touch you.

You vanished as I approached.

My fingers now cold and frozen,


Left dreaming in the fog with ghosts and snowflakes.

And I remained alone

As I was all


I must have mistaken the

Wind howling through

Windows and doors,


Winters garden

For your song.

Originally posted on October 20, 2015



The logical mind brushes it off,

The serendipity,

The coincidence.

The pulling.

Magnetism that keeps drawing us closer.

The dreams unexplained,

That make no sense to the mind

But send the heart higher into

Time undefined.



A familiarity in your smile,

Your eyes.

The sound of your laughter.

My skin ignites at the thought

Of your song in my my head,

In my mouth.



You can take pen to paper

And write how lovely she is,

How your heart beats steady when you are

With her.

She will think it was for a girl long gone,

The one you could not have.

You could play her songs of love

And hold her close.

She will believe that you dream of someone 

Else with more beauty,

More elegance.

You could hold her hand and draw her near,

She will never believe

She is good enough,

Smart enough,

Strong enough,

Pretty enough.

She will always believe you want more of someone else.