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Old Streets


Came back to these old streets,

The path feels so natural beneath my feet.

Broken doorways,

They whisper my name.

They know me from before.

Now condemned;

Boarded windows

And graffiti walls.

No going back to

How it was.

Boards creak and walls speak.

They tell me,

“Move on little girl.

We loved you then,

We love you still.

Best be moving on.

Move along.

The ghosts who called you back

Be long gone.

There only remains residual

Energy of things turned to ash

Blowing now

In the wind.

Head East, or North

South or West.

It is best you move along.”




Why does it have to be 

So difficult?

It doesn’t have to be so difficult.

When you have to be right,

You just have to win.

Thinking everyone is out to get you

And knock down your walls.

It is not that complicated,

You make it all so complicated.

Fighting with ghosts and projectiles

You throw at yourself

Then you blame everyone else

When you get hurt.

Unforgiving Walls


I close my eyes,

I breath you in.

Beauty becomes my soul.

Your arms embrace me,

Hold me still.

My breath,

For once,

Is whole.

My heart is beating

A rhythm true.

A sound I’ve held so tight.

My soul is lifting



Never has it been so high.

I am singing a new song.

One my heart vaguely recalls.

One that has been hidden




Open Your Door


Remember those feelings you have on a day you are struggling.

Perhaps standing still.

Perhaps crawling.

And know that others feel that way.

See them when you look around.

You will recognize them.

Instead of building walls

Against them,


Your door

And step outside to meet them.

Step outside and greet them.

Offer compassion.

Offer love.

For we will never get better

If we do not

Lift each other up.

If we all choose to stay behind walls

And defenses


We will never

Heal as people.




I want to melt.

I want to slip between the cracks.

I desire to be held and let all my walls


To be completely and utterly



But I can’t.

I’m too bent.

I’m too damaged.

It’s too late

And I’m too tired.

These bruises won’t go away.

No matter how hard I scrub,

The bleach won’t clear away the stains.

The glue won’t hold the cracks together.

My strength is just a hoax I’ve planted in my brain

Which my heart can no longer






And be.

Open your heart.

Open your mind.

Open your eyes.

Drop the definitions.

Knock down the fences.

Obliterate the walls.

You are in your own way.

You have constrained your mind,

Your heart.

And wrapped yourself

So tight in definitions,

You cannot breathe.

This barricade you have built

Has left you with nowhere to go and

Nothing new to see.


You have limited your own vision.