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Atoms and Cells


There is this burning in my belly,

This aching in my breast.

I struggle to keep my heart contained

Within my chest.

It is just the thought of you,

For you are not even near.

It’s just my atoms

And cells


The body of you.

Come home.

My heart will not stay still much longer


It is not where it belongs.

It’s just

What I must endure

While I am


You here.

I am

Aching and breathing.

I am

Aching and dreaming.

*choleintodiamonds* originally posted

October 2015

Last Time


Black off the shoulder dress,

Patterned with little pink flowers.

My skin

Tan and sand brushed.

Last time I wore it was in Egypt.

A beautiful night, it was.

Clear and star filled.

I feel everything all at once when I look at.

Barefeet continued

Dancing long after they hurt.

Laughed and smiled so much;

People thought I was drunk.

It has a hole in it I never fixed,

I kept it anyway.

So there it hangs with a variety of other

Colorful memories.

Time to sew it up or let it go.



Little trinkets in my drawer;

My nightstand

Where i keep my most valuable


They would mean nothing to

Anyone else.

I put them out sometimes and reminisce.

What memory may be tugging at my heart?

What color am i feeling today?


Or happy.

Maybe sad and missing someone,

Missing someplace.

Maybe i should toss them all out

And start over.

Initial Gasp


Your photographic memory came to life

The moment you saw him

And those,


Echoes of touch

Erupt inside your mind

Every time you 

Close your eyes.

Palpitations resume.

Fingertips recall

Lips warm.

And senses remember first encounter,

Impressions from skin kissing skin.


And the pull


It all

Generating lack of gravity.


Where were you going after all?

Nothing existed before this merging,

Before the initial gasp.

A Thousand Dreams


A thousand dreams

We held ransom

In the night.

A thousand stars

Fell to the ground

And scattered at our feet.


(In such haste to join us)

Burned themselves out in ecstasy.

And there we lay amongst them

Enraptured souls entwined.

Two lovers consumed

(Consumed as one)

By the light.

The stars were ours

And we were theirs.

(Oh but my darling we are the stars)

All other memory