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I draw a hot bath, pouring generous amounts of bubble bath under the faucet.

I immerse myself slowly as the temperature of the water is a bit too hot.

White tub, white shower curtains,

White noise fan.

Speckled walls.

Sleepy eyelids closing.

I want to stay here and dream.

The water is getting chilly

And the faucet is dripping ice cold drops on my toes,

Reminding me this is no fairytale.

The fan is singing to me

And no one is asking me questions now.

I will stay just a little longer.

Linger just a little longer.

Linger just a little longer

As tears trickle

Down my skin eventually mixing with the bath water.

I will merely imagine

I am adrift in the ocean.




You must have been an


A made up someone in my


For I wandered these stone stairwells


I roamed through

Winters withering garden

Following your song.

I knew I should find shelter,

Somewhere to warm my core.

But once outside I could return

Inside no more


I was met with barred windows and

Locked doors.

I found you in the courtyard.

I tried to reach you.

Touch you.

You vanished as I approached.

My fingers now cold and frozen,


Left dreaming in the fog with ghosts and snowflakes.

And I remained alone

As I was all


I must have mistaken the

Wind howling through

Windows and doors,


Winters garden

For your song.

Originally posted on October 20, 2015

Winter Rain


Cold winter rain falls on my


I like to look up when it is pouring

Allowing myself to

Get completely

Drenched because everything dries

Off eventually right?

It burns my skin

Yet chills my bones.

I love how it makes me feel alive,

My whole body

Shivering to keep me warm.

All the hairs on my body standing up

In protest.

I protest the protest and giggle.

And it always feels so delicious to get warm After

A good chill.

On to a hot shower and into

A pile of blankets

Until another moment shakes up all of

My senses.

Life presents

Continuous moments to marvel.



It is in the silence,This feeling.

You still do not know true depths

For words

Are just the very tip


The iceberg.

In each heart

So much

More lies beneath.

And if you try so daringly to

Stand upon the

Very tip of an iceberg

You will

Quite suddenly find your self

Thrown off balance.

Falling endlessly into

Cold, unfamiliar waters.

Gasping for air.

Pummeled and tossed knowing not

Which direction you must swim

To breathe,


Opening your mind to find oxygen.


You may like it there,

Lost but found in another’s

Unexplored company,

Finding yourself not so cold

And disoriented after all.