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All Around


I sense you but I know


From which direction.

All around me it seems.
Waste no time in learning your lessons this journey 


You promised you would find me

Once again


This life.

Where are you now?
I run  knowing I must

Go to the river

Most hastily.
There i submerge myself completely

Knowing that

Someday the same water that touches


Will in someway 

Caress you.
On it goes,

And on and on.

Whether raindrop, river or ocean

It makes it way to you;

As will my heart.



Look at life as if your muse.

There she is right in front of you,

In the sky, the earth, the creatures around you.

The air that touches your skin.

The fruit that grows on the trees.

Look and see. Breathe and feel


As if new everyday.

So mysterious,

Magical and deep.

Fall in love again and again.

Side lines


There are those souls in life who return to the sidelines.
They are the ones we turn to
The souls who do not relish the spotlight.
Not glory.
Those who cheer us on,
Stay steady and strong.
Who doctor our wounds
And share words of wisdom.
Patting us on the backs as they send us back out there
Having faith in our capabilities we cannot see ourselves.
We forget sometimes they themselves
Are human.

Lemon Tree


Come now,
Take my hand.
Let us sit under the lemon trees
In my uncles backyard.
Under the branches which bare fruit with
A bright yellow rind,

Those that  beckon us to partake of
Instead we will delight in the color.

Instead we will take comfort in the silence
Between us and observe fruit and


For a while.