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Ever Was


Our eyes meet

Across time

And visions.


We move in closer

Drawn to the warmth

Within us two.


We are fire and rain,

Pleasure and pain.

The essence of

Beginning and ending

Wrapped in skin.

Receptors on high


Opening and receiving


Lightening and electric

Absorbed and shared


Pulsing through our veins.

And all this meets at once,

A precise moment

Rippling through all that ever was.



Far Away


How is it that you can pull on my heart,

Stir me,

When you breathe so far away?

I think you left your dreams under my pillow.

I think you left your hands here for I feel them

Singing me to sleep.

I think your essence is in my bed

Still tangled in my sheets.

Rock Me


Meet me in the quiet,

In the undisturbed peace.

Meet where stillness lies

And I won’t say a thing.

Rock me oh so gently,

In your rhythmic beating heart.

Rock me in the silence

And I won’t fall apart.

Swim with me in the waters.

Let your essence drift with mine.

Swim with me in utter bliss

Where there is nothing left to find.