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My home stars keep calling my name.

Traveling the speed of light through cosmic storms

I visit them in my dreams.

I am merely a newborn awakening to wonders and strife. How cold the air on my skin, how the sun stings my eyes.

My mind gets earth drenched; fatigued translating language from there to here.

Most often I do not make sense when I speak though it sounds right in my head.

So much gets lost between soul and mind

As I try to enunciate and pronounce this love of all.

My heart beat fills my veins with a stirring and my lungs breathe an endless breath.

I watch and I smile feeling love flow through me; i am and never was empty for this

Is infinite and continuous.

Few see that all is translated in the stillness, that it Is always love, as we call it.

For it truly is more than love and that is why  so many continue to try and define it.

It is more than a flat word or a mere voice and that is why we struggle so; to capture and constrain this cannot be done. It will not fit in a container.

There is no human word to encompass love.

And so the writers write and the singers sing.

The dancers dance and the dreamers dream.

Every one of us ponder

On and on and on

Of love.




The clock calls the midnight hour.

I close my eyes and

Am aware of


Everywhere I turn.

My pulse races

And my mind gets dizzy.

I put my hand to my heart

And hold myself steady;


With heat,

My skin tingling.

This is your magic

At work once more.

Intuition. Instinct.

A faint melody plays through my memories.

There is no reasoning nor answers

In explanation.

We are in synch and I breathe.

We are in synch and I dance.

The truth of us




In the mind.

Divine mystical mystery.

Over mountains and oceans far goes the yearning.

Over soft curves of my skin fall the tears.




Knocked the breath out of her.

Hands hit skin,

Words hit heart.

She was fearful

Of everyone.

Scared to speak.

Scared to move.

To say the wrong word,

To give the wrong look.

Her legs always shaking step by step.

Heaven forbid a tear should fall

(You damn crybaby)

Her voice so small

(Speak up! Speak up! But only when I tell you to!).

Eyes on the floor.

Walk so very softly.

(Become the wallpaper upon the wall

Your fingers never touch)

When She breathes, if she breathes,

Hold it, listen.

(What the hell are you wearing?)

Do not move another step


Television volume up high

To mask the sound of her


(They walk among us)

The controllers and abusers,

The controlled and abused.

And Momma always said

You never know what goes on behind

Closed doors.



Every emotion
Felt in a lifetime

Crashing in my gut all at once.

You and I

Face to face.

Loss for words.

Our voices faltering anyway

At the enormity of emotion

In a touch,

A gasp.

And breathing is enough.

Our hands know the way,

We know the way.

The thrill.

Euphoria ignited.

And there we meet together as if

On the very head of a pin.

All thoughts dissolving,

Look no more.

Space-time blooms evermore

And hearts erupt in unison.



You and I

Every inch of skin


Heartbeats thump through


A morse code coursing


Body language

Perceiving intuitively

Where to go,

When to move,

When to breath.

Stillness absolute.




Only a heartbeat

Between us.

Altering senses.

Time collides within.

Skin feeling what no other

Has felt.


Seeing that which no other has seen.



In the hush.

Words have no meaning, no form,

No need.


We soothe our restlessness.

In the stillness we move.

Synchronized breath becomes us

As we disappear.

Realities merging

To unbecome.

Exquisite rapture with each movement

In the hush.

No longer a mirage.



Look at life as if your muse.

There she is right in front of you,

In the sky, the earth, the creatures around you.

The air that touches your skin.

The fruit that grows on the trees.

Look and see. Breathe and feel


As if new everyday.

So mysterious,

Magical and deep.

Fall in love again and again.