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They look right through her
As if she isn’t


Knows she is not invisible.

(Oh but it is as if she does not exist)
For she feels hands grip her,

Move her when

She obstructs the way.


So Far


She has come so far.

She has become a stronger woman than

She used to be.

But then certain people reappear

And she

Is gone before she realizes what has happened.

She becomes invisible.

So small.

Like she’s never been at all.

Another Wave


You hold yourself steady

As another wave rolls in.

Which is most frightening

When you feel it begin,

Knowing what lies between or what is at the end?

Invisible slips and invisible falls.

The faceless voices who taunt;

 And from shadows


Going from gladness

(In deeper)

To sadness

(In deeper)

To madness

(In deeper)

To the darkness within.

The flesh feels alive and well

While the mind makes itself a home in

An unseen hell.

Soul Light


It’s not like i can’t take being tough.

Or someone being rough.

It’s not like I am so fragile I will break.

It’s just I am getting tired of holding things at arms length.

My senses have grown fatigued

Waiting for a battle that might just be the end of me.

My defenses have laid to rest

From lack of will I guess.

I think I am ready to rest a while.

I would love to wallow in love.

It is all I have been thinking of.


While my heart is beating.

All the while I am healing

Wrapped in a cocoon shielded from the storm

That rages within and without.

Myself invisible to those who come around

With malice in their hearts.

And when I am ready to emerge,

The pain and sadness purged,

Nothing will be able to penetrate

What my soul light

Was able to




She knows what it feels like to be invisible.

To be in a room with hundreds

Of people


Like the air,

They breathe her in not realizing

She is there.

Her heartbeat the passion of the music.

The cellos

The violins,

And the dance.

Her presence creating a magical trance

And strangers smile as she drifts by,

Not knowing why.

There is delight in their hearts

At the gentle brush

Of her hand as she passes through,

A mere whisper of a breeze.

Her aura

At the tip of their memory.

Something they long for entirely

But cannot quite reach.

A haunting memory

Of a desire to hold onto


Out of their grasp,

She slips away.

And they,

The strangers

Are left asking

One another

If anyone else sensed the


They cannot describe.