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Camping taught me

A lot about life and love.

Building a fire after the

Rain takes patience and


Kindling, desire for heat

And the tiniest of sparks.


Brilliance True


Hello Milky Way.

I have been longing to see you again.

These city lights,

They block your luminosity

And leave me stumbling to find my way.

I struggle to find direction

Without stars to guide me.

Artificial radiance shines bright like a beacon

Until you get close enough to

Realize their lack of heat within.

I close my eyes and begin again,

Having faith in my own intuition.

I know the truth.

We know the truth.

The stars are ever steady

With brilliance true.



The truck engine rumbles

And the vibration makes me sleepy.

It is so hot already and it is not even


Summer heat might kill me this year.

I like the cold better.

It makes me feel alive.

This humid heat makes me feel dreary and heavy;

Like I might take a nap and never wake up.

It makes the pavement too hot to go barefoot and I do not like shoes.

Even though I breathe through my mouth I feel as if I might suffocate when I have to wear shoes.