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Another Wave


You hold yourself steady

As another wave rolls in.

Which is most frightening

When you feel it begin,

Knowing what lies between or what is at the end?

Invisible slips and invisible falls.

The faceless voices who taunt;

 And from shadows


Going from gladness

(In deeper)

To sadness

(In deeper)

To madness

(In deeper)

To the darkness within.

The flesh feels alive and well

While the mind makes itself a home in

An unseen hell.



This incredible sadness

Pretends to play nice

With my endless madness.

It heaves in my heart

Swearing we shall never part;

For it loves me ever so.

Sadness only wants to hold me and

Keep me company,

But madness swears

It’s had my back since the start

Therefore remains my truest friend.

And to the argument there seems to be

No end.

I just want them to be allies

And leave me

Here on the summit high.

Just let me be.

Let me be.

Simply be.