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My home stars keep calling my name.

Traveling the speed of light through cosmic storms

I visit them in my dreams.

I am merely a newborn awakening to wonders and strife. How cold the air on my skin, how the sun stings my eyes.

My mind gets earth drenched; fatigued translating language from there to here.

Most often I do not make sense when I speak though it sounds right in my head.

So much gets lost between soul and mind

As I try to enunciate and pronounce this love of all.

My heart beat fills my veins with a stirring and my lungs breathe an endless breath.

I watch and I smile feeling love flow through me; i am and never was empty for this

Is infinite and continuous.

Few see that all is translated in the stillness, that it Is always love, as we call it.

For it truly is more than love and that is why  so many continue to try and define it.

It is more than a flat word or a mere voice and that is why we struggle so; to capture and constrain this cannot be done. It will not fit in a container.

There is no human word to encompass love.

And so the writers write and the singers sing.

The dancers dance and the dreamers dream.

Every one of us ponder

On and on and on

Of love.




On your lips

I taste wonder.

Show me

Everywhere you have been

In the language of

The soul,

For we both know this


All else

Cannot be translated;

The soul speaks it all

And smiles in comprehension


She Smiles


She smiles
But there is an edge in her eyes
And you wonder why
As you pass her by.

She laughs out loud
But there’s a sadness in the sound
And you wonder why
As you pass her by.

Her life has never been
Quite as it seems
To the naked eye
Of a passerby.

There are mysteries
In her heart
And sorrows in her soul
That’s she’s never shared,
That nobody knows.