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Angel Wings


I am tending to my Angel wings.

They refuse to do their part.

They have left me cold and stranded,

Left me weeping in my heart.

They are tattered and worn.

They are bloodied and torn.

They were not this way

On the day I was born.


I see your Angel wings are tattered.

I see that they are worn.

I hear your weeping heart

And I want to keep you warm.

I know your soul is weary.

What if I told you mine is weary too?

We could both try together

To mend a tear or two.

We can find a strength in each other

That knows no distance,

Knows no time.

We will find a strength together

And again we will fly.

Again with stronger wings,

Again with shiny souls,

Again with beating hearts

When we have patched up all the


@*choleintodiamonds* originally posted December 2013




I know he comes 

From heaven.

He says he is from hell.
I feel the trail of

Star maps he draws 

Intuitively on my skin;

He creates magic constellations

And places them in my heart.


Hear the wishes trapped in his throat

When he whispers

To me in the


I see his wings,

Not with my naked eyes.



I would lift you up

As high as i could

My love

But we both know 

You will only fall,

Return to it all,


You are running away from

Here on the ground

If you do not build up strength in your own way,

In your own time.

The might of

Your own wings must come about within

Your soul.

To get there

You have to fly yourself,


Not by yourself.

I am learning too.

We all are.

As If You Did Nothing


I do not think you know this
You are
Always looking at others
As if
Better than yourself,
Light itself
Travels the universe
With joy
To be
From your skin.
You cast that love so far,
So high,
You have helped others create wings
To touch the sky.
And then you smile

You walk away.

You walk away as if
Did nothing.

In between


He’s the in between.

Born on the cusp.

He is winter in spring.

A flower blooming in the frigid cold,

Not sure where to go…..

He shines a light all his own.

Smiles to share yet

He cries alone.

On gilded wings she’s watched

Him fly too close to the sun.

So here she waits

Ready to catch him,

Ready to hold him

When he falls.

Wings singed;

Heart-tired he falls heavy.

She sings softly now

Cradling him in the in between.

Sharing her breath until he can

Breathe on his own once again.