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Roots and Bugs


It is a wonderful thing

To throw the windows open in spring

And look upon the world.

I stand still and welcome the air


Saturate my skin.

Better yet

The morning dew is winking at me

And the smell of fresh cut grass is teasing me.

“ Come play, come play”

They say

Knowing precisely how to lift my spirits,

So out i go.

And my mind eases

And i forget my troubles as i settled my tired Bones

Amongst the roots, bugs and soil.

Lifting my gaze to the sky

And closing my eyes,

Humming softly to myself

I am free.




Forgotten windows and doors.

Rotten Wood


Rusty keyholes.

Spider webs and creepy crawlies underfoot.

Dare I peek behind the vined curtain?

Afraid to see who is watching me;

My legs shaking and betray my steady hand.

Hearing the echoes of heartbeats as I stand

Still and hold my breath.

Has time been forgotten


Or is it merely waiting motionless

In the veil of between

Aching and remembering touch?




Playing in my grandparents old farmhouse.

Looking outside through the window.

“Do not play at the window child. Do not touch

The stick holding the window open. Go outside”

Curiosity always ruled me.

Itchy fingers and dreamy mind wondering what could happen this time.

So closer I moved.

What is this mighty stick doing I may not touch?

Holding up the heavy window frame I realized to late

As it slammed down unapologetically on my my little hand.

Tears stinging my eyes to my surprise.

Swollen and bruised hand now but

“That’s what you get when you do not listen child. Now go outside and play.

Stay on the grass. Do not leave the yard.”

I would proceed to play barefoot and roam the boundaries I was told not to go.

Skin now pierced by prickly burs. Tears again.

“If we told you once, we told you twice. Now child why don’t you listen.”

Once more I wander places I ought not go. Family visiting outside stop to hear my cry.

Me confronted.

A large snake poised up to meet my eyes. I stood frozen.

“Don’t move a muscle!”

And they interfere with my curiosity. I am safe now in big sisters arms.

” Why don’t you listen child? There is danger and boundaries you mustn’t cross. We know better as we have lived longer.”

I did not understand their language it seems.



You must have been an


A made up someone in my


For I wandered these stone stairwells


I roamed through

Winters withering garden

Following your song.

I knew I should find shelter,

Somewhere to warm my core.

But once outside I could return

Inside no more


I was met with barred windows and

Locked doors.

I found you in the courtyard.

I tried to reach you.

Touch you.

You vanished as I approached.

My fingers now cold and frozen,


Left dreaming in the fog with ghosts and snowflakes.

And I remained alone

As I was all


I must have mistaken the

Wind howling through

Windows and doors,


Winters garden

For your song.

Originally posted on October 20, 2015



Now I sit in the rocker by the window.

The motion,

The melodious creak bringing me 


And I stare at the trees and the clouds

Swaying in the rhythm of the wind.

An occasional

Blue jay or dove stops within my view 

In search of nourishment.

And I let my mind wander where it will

As light slowly

Slinks away to make room



The Window


I awoke with a loneliness in my gut.

My face

Damp with tears I must have cried

In a nightmare.

I turned to my side


Set my sight

On the light

Fighting to filter through those



Curtains covering my window.

And I knew

Come what may,

The only way

That soul healing light was ever going

To shine on me

Was if I got up and opened those