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I feel it in my gut,

The very marrow of my bones.

This pull.

This unseen force

Crying out loud.

This magnetism over time

In molecules and dreamtime.



A higher knowing within

You to me,

Me to you.

Here and now.

Then and hereafter.

In perpetuum.


She could not


She could not find her way out of
The darkness.
She heard you calling,

Trying to guide
Her here and there.
But she could not decipher the language you Spoke.
And the paths.
Everyone constructs different paths,
Different maps.
And she does not understand them.
Their rules of speed and design.
When she is just herself.
She tries and tries to
Stay the course
But she ends up off the road
Muddy and beaten.
In shambles.
All they do is stare
And forget.
But I am still here.