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The universe is working in your favor

With you for the highest good at all times.


You are certain or uncertain,

Whether you are stuck or flowing,

Whether you are happy or sad.

When you feel strong, when you feel weak.

You are cradled in unwavering infinite love.

Open and receive.



I can think of no other;

And even the little hairs on my body rejoice at the thought of you,

Reaching for you

As you come near.

The heat at my center spreads

And the words fail to fall from my lips;

They cannot make the connection from my mind to my heart

Crashing into one another

In the rush to embrace all of you.

All the particles of us disperse

As night and day disappear

Bursting forth at our touch.


This glimmer,

A new universe


New elements we become.


Universal Beat


When I Move,

When I dance, sing or speak,

I am all countries

And language recalls the root of one.

I am the beauty of the stillness in every flowing moment,

More than

A galaxy believed to be contained

And constructed in the mind.

For music


Soul speak

And rhythm

Is the

Universal ancestral beat


From the beginning to the future existing beyond.

More than mere cosmos conception.

Hear it. Be.

Infinite resonation.

Alternate celestial awakenings.

Harmonious cell vibration.

Close your eyes and become.

Welcome ascension.




My lovely friend,
Step outside and howl
At the
Moon if
You need to.
Stop holding back.
Stop fighting
What every single
Cell in you creation is calling
You to be.
To love
To dance
To sing
To run
To lie by the ocean
And fill yourself
With the power
Of rolling thunder.
Your soul knows.
Your heart knows.
Set yourself free
And your mind will follow.
In the sweet embrace of
All of you,
There you will be complete
And you will find
Yet to be explored.

While We Can


The sun is going down
And kissing us goodnight.
The moon is shining high
Lending us her light.
We love under her guidance.
We dream.

The summer air caresses us.
The universe
She cradles us.
Our hearts they beat as one.
It has begun.

You and me
Were always meant to be.

So what do you want to do?
Where do you want to go?
Tell me your love is true.
Tell me you want to know.

That I’ve got a little secret.
I was going to try and keep it
But your eyes, they are sparkling
And my smile, I can’t hide it.
And your laugh it is addictive
It stirs the music in my soul.

So let’s love while we can.
Come on,
Take my hand
And let’s fly
Higher than we’ve ever flown.
Where beauty steals the
Air from our lungs
And never look down.