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Angel Wings


I am tending to my Angel wings.

They refuse to do their part.

They have left me cold and stranded,

Left me weeping in my heart.

They are tattered and worn.

They are bloodied and torn.

They were not this way

On the day I was born.


I see your Angel wings are tattered.

I see that they are worn.

I hear your weeping heart

And I want to keep you warm.

I know your soul is weary.

What if I told you mine is weary too?

We could both try together

To mend a tear or two.

We can find a strength in each other

That knows no distance,

Knows no time.

We will find a strength together

And again we will fly.

Again with stronger wings,

Again with shiny souls,

Again with beating hearts

When we have patched up all the


@*choleintodiamonds* originally posted December 2013


Will Do


These hands are cracked

And tired from lifting

And lifting they will do


The last breath 

I take.

This heart

Rejoices and breaks


Rejoice and break will 

This heart do

Until the last beat

It makes.



After years

Of feeling

Battered and bruised,

Tired and used

She reentered the world.


Hesitating with every breath.

Shaking with every step.

A little bit at a time.

Her eyes were so untrusting

For she knew what you see is very rarely,

If ever,

What you get.

Behind every smile

There might lie

A very darkened heart.

Self doubt filled her mind.

For she knew the sky was blue

But since she could remember,

She was told otherwise.

To the point where she did not believe

Her own eyes


Her gut in knots,

Never knowing when she might get caught in a moment of happiness

Just to have it stolen.

There she stood,

Head held high

Ready to give the world

Another try.