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I am running all over,

Falling apart.

People talk at me.

Their eyes darting

Anywhere else but mine

Looking for escape.

And I tell myself I am fine,

There is nothing wrong,

But every message I get from humans

All around

Is i am not.

And I choke back the tears sometimes

And I laugh out loud at myself


And they walk on,

Walk on by

And I wish them love.

Nothing but love

Because I see their pain swirling around their hearts and minds.

And they still won’t look me in the eyes.

They turn away

And turn away again.

And I turn to the Angels

All around us

And thank them believing they see me.

I keep going and going

Knowing We are all here for a reason.



I need reminders




And strength.

My knees are weak


It feels as if a corset has been tightened

Around my ribs a

Cinch too tight.

Inhaling little bits;

Shallow and dizzy.

I am on a slippery slope.

Can’t seem to get a grip.

And what if one day

I just don’t have


Of me


Keep a hold of,

If i am not strong enough to fight myself?


Come Here


Muddy trucks


Messy hair.

Don’t stop to think twice

We’ll dance anywhere.

Too busy living we don’t care.


No time for fretting when love is

In the


The sun is high

The time is now

Don’t care where,

Gotta live now.

The choice is yours

The choice is clear

Living and laughter

When there’s love in the air.

We’re not worried about where this

Road will go

We just know

We woke up alive.


Come here


And give me your hand.

We don’t have time to

Stand here and talk about

Meaningless stuff.

(The meaning of life)

The only way to get it right

Is to try.

And you know,

And I know

We’ve both had enough.

Let’s get moving.

What are you waiting for?

There’s more to life

(Don’t just talk about it)


If you are done waiting,

I’m anticipating

Some good times ahead.