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Keeping Time



Sunrise upon a face,

Sunset upon a heart.

The eyes in silence,

The arms in chaos.

The obsessions,

The anxiety

Relentless in my mind.

Breathing, breathing

Keeping time.




The red robin is watching me most intently

From the porch rail

Wondering if he should flee.

Unsure whether

My motions might inflict

Pain his way.

He relaxes as he realizes i am merely

Hanging my favorite dress out to dry

So I can wear it out


And once again begins his


Sunrise with a morning song over my shoulder.

Magnolia Trees


The Magnolia trees are

Blooming. The flowers are stirring.

I watch the shades

Of color change on each leaf

As the sun rises.

As the greens brighten so

Quickly in response to the

Slightest touch of light,

As they come to life.

Anticipation trembling from

Root to top in realization there has come


Day to grow.

The squirrels chitter.

The butterflies dance and the

Trees keep company as they do. 

They sing in sweet harmony,

“Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Open your eyes and heart.

See. See. See.”

Winter Morning


Writing this winter morning.

Thoughts so flitting,


Coffee steaming,


Snuggled in a blanket looking

Out frosted windows.

The kitty does not know what she wants

Jumping on my lap,

Then down.

I lose myself for moments

Distracted by the sunrise 

Over distant mountains.

On beats my heart a little louder.

Once again it grows stronger.

I recognize my courage.




I took a moment
To swim
To the shore
Of the ocean,
This my life.
And i stood  and pondered once again.
My bare feet in the warmth of the sand.

My breath taken away by the wind.
This beautiful ocean

blue, green and gray
Is me.
It Is deep and endless.
The reflection
Stuns me as the sun rises,
As does everything in between.
That which begs still to be explored.
I am ready
Come what may
To dive back in.

What unknown part of me shall i delve into Next?