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Look Up


Some mornings when I wake

I feel weak and dreary.

It is then I let hope

Carry me.

She is so full of love.

I allow her

Strength to move me

And I always end up looking to the heavens.

I always end up smiling softly to myself.


She Was Told


She was told by several someones

Over the years

To toughen up.

(She was a terribly shy girl prone to tears)

But you see

What these people did not know;

She had been toughened up.

She had been beaten up.

Physically bruised,

Emotionally submerged in confusion.

Touched where she should not have been touched

She had almost been destroyed.

Bloody noses,

Pulled hair ,

Black and blue.

She had been toughened up

In ways that people could not see in the now

And somehow through all of this

Emerged an invisible strength.

Her tears were not always of sorrow,

They were of terror.

She is thankful to have had magic souls



Teach her how to turn

All of the turmoil of the past


Joy and gratefullness.



I would lift you up

As high as i could

My love

But we both know 

You will only fall,

Return to it all,


You are running away from

Here on the ground

If you do not build up strength in your own way,

In your own time.

The might of

Your own wings must come about within

Your soul.

To get there

You have to fly yourself,


Not by yourself.

I am learning too.

We all are.



her mind was quite broken you see.

for so long the road to healing has been most tedious.

she has had to learn to allow herself grace

and tenderness unapologetically

she has had to learn she does not need to justify this to


for even she was unaware that those wounds were too painful to touch

that even her skin was deeply bruised

with heart and mind

and this takes time

giving herself space to grow new strength


and nurturing her own roots

and spirit

which ultimately remain


love and tenderness for oneself grow freely when welcomed

and cared for unconditionally



I’m throwing myself off this ledge

I’m going to do my best to fly

And if I crash

It’s nothing worse than I’ve already felt inside.

I’m going to get back up and climb to the top

Cuts and bruises on my hands

I’ll stand proud and strong and close my eyes

Not knowing where I’ll land.

Because I’ve let go of all my fear

I’ve found a strength I’ve never known

I thought I was going crazy

But I’m only heading home.