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In Front of Me


The sun rose gently today,

I am thankful for that.

Giving my eyes time to adjust;

Delicate light

Touches stone

And cactus.

Life around me

Stretches and yawns at once.

The birds join in

As they announce the arrival of day once again,


In synch with the natural rhythms of life.

The sun has peaked the horizon

And now burns my eyes.

For this I am grateful as well,

To set myself free of yesterdays burdens

And confusion

With breath and light,

For this is the world

Right in front of me.

And So


I often think i am done

Whether sun

Or shadow fall on my face.

Even when a smile curves my lips

A battle may rage


This at any time.

I walk upon stone,

I walk upon dirt

Both hurt

When the weight is heavy.

Though i stand tall,

A smile curves my lips.

Each breath a blessing

As i fill my lungs with air,

As I stretch up to the sky with all my might

The weight gets lighter,

My feet less tender.

I look at my heart. 

It has no boundaries

Nor my mind in fact.

Every cell,

Every atom

At peace if I allow it to be.

And so it flows through me,

And so I am.



I kneel to

Feel this;

 Raw earth.

My tears

Of gratitude fall 

For the wilderness has

At no time failed to



From myself.

In her stone and softness,

Her life and decay.

Always replenishing.



All that she has to give.

I have lived many lives in the wilderness.
On the velvet forest floor
I lie.

My eyes lift to the heavens

As she soothes my soul

And i know this;


Is now as it ever has been and will be;

As it should be.

Old Riverbed


Walking the old river bed,

How often has the course changed?

How often the boulders

Worn to rocks

Worn to pebbles

Worn to dust?

The river carries them on,

Shape shifting.

How often the roots of mighty trees exposed,

How often

They held on until

Nothing left for them to grasp,

They succumb to the way

And float on?

How often no man stands to witness the


Of the fall?


Become one

With the river



To the sea.

Old riverbeds remain and regrow from tiny

Seed to become mighty trees

They return

In time forgetting the river.

Got Lost


Not long ago I got lost in an Italian town.

(Honestly I have been lost more than once this lifetime)

Looming stone walls.
Narrow walk ways.
Monks conversing
Children playing ball
On the cobblestone.
My heart began thumping
And my mind was a whirl.
I paused to retrieve my map

And realized
I left it with my bicycle.
My phone was dead.

(of course I remembered all of my camera gear

but I did forget to eat)
So caught up in the
Minute details;
My own world as i wondered and


I lost time;

I lost my way.
I then looked to the sky and caught my breath.
What a beautiful place to be lost and well.

I continued on my way then.
Wandering in no hurry
I found myself back with my bike.