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The Wolf


Years ago,

As I sat with friends
Along the banks of a magnificent river
In the untamed wilderness;
(All was silent except for the sound

Of the river)
My eyes grazed the
Opposite bank and
I was awestruck
To see a large black wolf
Come off a game trail.

Stepped out of the woods.
There stopping and locking
Inquisitive eyes
With us.
He was magnificent;
Splendid in his stance.
I could not move,
Could not breathe.
In that moment I felt something so primal
And beautiful inside;
As if connected beyond comprehension of the mind.
This has stayed with me always.
I know in nature
Answers come forward
When you are ready to listen.

Originally posted August 2016 *choleintodiamonds*




Before I remember,

When i began to walk

I think,

I started carrying your disappointment and Fear

On my back.

And when my staggering posture became noticeable


Carefully moved it

Behind my ribcage

Between my heart and my stomach,

Rearranging my insides for you.

It was almost impossible to breathe,

Impossible to eat.

Though I thought that is what good children do.

As I grew I realized

You did it for your mother and father too.

This was all you knew.

I am grateful we broke our hearts open.


We broke the silence.



She sighs softly.

Don’t give up on me.

Don’t give up on me.

I have been fire, I have been ice.

I have been everything in-between.

I’ve been the sun, I’ve been the moon.

All of those times I have felt insane.

I have been alone in the crowd. I have been alone with myself.

I have felt alive in the crowd.

I have felt alive on my own.

I have been the instruments and the voice;

The noise itself.

I have been silence. Nothing but silence.

And I have caught myself when I have fallen.

Don’t give up on me.