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Roots and Bugs


It is a wonderful thing

To throw the windows open in spring

And look upon the world.

I stand still and welcome the air


Saturate my skin.

Better yet

The morning dew is winking at me

And the smell of fresh cut grass is teasing me.

“ Come play, come play”

They say

Knowing precisely how to lift my spirits,

So out i go.

And my mind eases

And i forget my troubles as i settled my tired Bones

Amongst the roots, bugs and soil.

Lifting my gaze to the sky

And closing my eyes,

Humming softly to myself

I am free.


Always Knows


I wander freely
Journeying the valley floor.
And when I am worn and weary
I rest my bones
On the rivers edge.
I listen to her song;
Wonder at
Her ever changing beauty

Magnified through icicles and frost.
I see the snowy mountains rising

Thoughts of past and future leave

Here I am.
And I remember
These songs resuscitate my heart;
Settle my mind.
Mother Earth always knows how to

Speak to my soul.

She knows without hesitation

What to say in the silence.