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They try to reach him (me)


They do not know how.

He is lost (I am lost) only in this realm;

Found out there beyond.

I see them (he does too)

They do not see us.

And his voice sounds like

Music, silence and heartbeats.

They only know words.


Never Give Up


Never give up on humans.

(Yourself included)

We are all doing the best we can

Wherever we may be on the

Wild journey

Called life.

All from different backgrounds,

Different families.

Some come from steadfast foundations,

Some grew up in battlefields.



Some feel stuck in places they don’t belong

But we get frustrated with them.

We see things differently.



Gentle speak,

Steady love.

Believe in one another.

There is more good,

There is more beauty than

Some choose to see everyday.

Stop listening to the noise

And listen.

(If you are ready)

Stop giving up

And sit in stillness.

Go back to the beginning.


And see.

Hold your gaze in one place

And see.

(we all get lost)

Sing softly to those who are lost

And help them return

To themselves.

(When you are ready)

Do not be discouraged.



Look at life as if your muse.

There she is right in front of you,

In the sky, the earth, the creatures around you.

The air that touches your skin.

The fruit that grows on the trees.

Look and see. Breathe and feel


As if new everyday.

So mysterious,

Magical and deep.

Fall in love again and again.

Magnolia Trees


The Magnolia trees are

Blooming. The flowers are stirring.

I watch the shades

Of color change on each leaf

As the sun rises.

As the greens brighten so

Quickly in response to the

Slightest touch of light,

As they come to life.

Anticipation trembling from

Root to top in realization there has come


Day to grow.

The squirrels chitter.

The butterflies dance and the

Trees keep company as they do. 

They sing in sweet harmony,

“Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Open your eyes and heart.

See. See. See.”