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Roots and Bugs


It is a wonderful thing

To throw the windows open in spring

And look upon the world.

I stand still and welcome the air


Saturate my skin.

Better yet

The morning dew is winking at me

And the smell of fresh cut grass is teasing me.

“ Come play, come play”

They say

Knowing precisely how to lift my spirits,

So out i go.

And my mind eases

And i forget my troubles as i settled my tired Bones

Amongst the roots, bugs and soil.

Lifting my gaze to the sky

And closing my eyes,

Humming softly to myself

I am free.




Great tress manicured;

Cut and shaped to fit lest they overgrow

Space allotted them.

Aesthetically pleasant.

Cut the branch,

Rake the leaves.

Make it look like they never let go a mess to


The old and become

Stronger and taller.

Invisible cages even for them,

The mighty oaks.

Still they keep straining to grow to their full potential so naturally;

Roots creeping underneath us all as we go

About this and that.

This and that.



October sky.

i see the air as the breath

leaves my lips.

tree roots set themselves

deep and steady

ready for the chill to come.

branches reaching

to reassure one another.

inside lifeforce welcomes all stages of life,

happy to greet wind and rain

snowfall and sunlight.

living to live

and bring great joy

to earth and sky.

i touch the tree and know,


 know we are not so

different and i am thankful.



It is time to release the shame.


Someone planted the seeds and you unwittingly

Let them grow tenuous roots

Around your insides;

Behind your eyes.

Cut the source of the growth at the root

Feel it wither on its own.

Shame cannot flourish if you cease to nourish it.

It cannot grow without your attention.

Lift your eyes to your beauty.

You are living,


Golden light.