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When you sit with yourself
And follow the limb
To the very root of your
Anger, your sadness
You will find
Your own eyes gazing
Back at you,

And if you allow yourself to

You will see love.


*I wrote this in 2016. Like most writers, I have pages and pages of notes, memories and musings never shared.*




Criticizing and

Nit picking

Is like

Tearing the

Petals from a rose one by one

Because you think they are not good enough;

The wrong color,

The wrong shape.

Getting sad and angry because all that is left is a stem

With thorns.

All along


Never minded the roots

And you blame the rose,

Refusing to admit your part.

You were not there for the planting of the seed.

You did not witness the growth of the roots

Yet you stand and criticize in anger and disappointment.

The mind and heart will only continue to see ugly if one thinks and acts ugly.

Universal Beat


When I Move,

When I dance, sing or speak,

I am all countries

And language recalls the root of one.

I am the beauty of the stillness in every flowing moment,

More than

A galaxy believed to be contained

And constructed in the mind.

For music


Soul speak

And rhythm

Is the

Universal ancestral beat


From the beginning to the future existing beyond.

More than mere cosmos conception.

Hear it. Be.

Infinite resonation.

Alternate celestial awakenings.

Harmonious cell vibration.

Close your eyes and become.

Welcome ascension.




And look at what the


From the very beginning has


On and on.

Oh my, oh my.

And you think you cannot make a difference,

That you make no difference?

You are here by no mere accident

You lovely soul.

Remember inception;

The beginning of


A part,

The core of all you are does recognize this for

You were there.

You are the absolute radiance of creation itself,

The origin.

You come from

The very root of all life.




The sun is silver,

The moon turned golden.

We all thought we were

In control.

We laugh as it crashes all around us

And dance our way through

The wreckage.

Shattering and scattering ourselves


The unknown cosmos.

Near and far we create new stars and light


Fiercely formed worlds with love.

Screaming and singing; sink and dissolve once again.

To root, bloom, reseed and

Create is all we know.

The rest is up to the others.

Old Riverbed


Walking the old river bed,

How often has the course changed?

How often the boulders

Worn to rocks

Worn to pebbles

Worn to dust?

The river carries them on,

Shape shifting.

How often the roots of mighty trees exposed,

How often

They held on until

Nothing left for them to grasp,

They succumb to the way

And float on?

How often no man stands to witness the


Of the fall?


Become one

With the river



To the sea.

Old riverbeds remain and regrow from tiny

Seed to become mighty trees

They return

In time forgetting the river.