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Fighting the river.

Cursing the canyon walls.

Concussed and disoriented.

Hands bloody and scratched trying to

Climb your (our) way out

When all you (we) need to do

Is let this wild river

Carry you (us) through

To the ocean

While you (we)

Enjoy the view.




The lion does not roar just to listen to itself.

Nor the hawk call

Or the squirrel chitter,

The birds twitter

Or the whale sing.

The flower does not grow to gaze into its own


Nor the river flow to greet itself.

Old Riverbed


Walking the old river bed,

How often has the course changed?

How often the boulders

Worn to rocks

Worn to pebbles

Worn to dust?

The river carries them on,

Shape shifting.

How often the roots of mighty trees exposed,

How often

They held on until

Nothing left for them to grasp,

They succumb to the way

And float on?

How often no man stands to witness the


Of the fall?


Become one

With the river



To the sea.

Old riverbeds remain and regrow from tiny

Seed to become mighty trees

They return

In time forgetting the river.

Mother Earth


Mother Earth sings her song.

It is in the dirt,

The wind,

The water of the raging rivers

And the peaceful ponds.

The trees and the mountains.

The lion and the sparrow.

We think we do not know her song

But we too are her song.

We have only become distracted

For her music is in our very cells.

The blood of our ancestors.

Be still, your soul

And listen.

This song never pauses.

Sing with her once more.

Always Knows


I wander freely
Journeying the valley floor.
And when I am worn and weary
I rest my bones
On the rivers edge.
I listen to her song;
Wonder at
Her ever changing beauty

Magnified through icicles and frost.
I see the snowy mountains rising

Thoughts of past and future leave

Here I am.
And I remember
These songs resuscitate my heart;
Settle my mind.
Mother Earth always knows how to

Speak to my soul.

She knows without hesitation

What to say in the silence.