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Up on tippy toes I try to peek

Over hills and mountains high.

Try as I might I cannot see the other side.

I have to climb myself

One step at a time

And understand

This journey is mine;

Created with all of us in mind

To intertwine with those chosen

In this

Grand design.

To uplift and add endless love

As best We can.

I climb and rest,

Climb and rest knowing I am doing my best

With every breath.



Defy your fears.

Take courage of heart



Lift yourself up and out,

Into the sunlight.

Rest there as long as you need

Feeling heat upon skin;

Breathing air into the neglected depths

Of your lungs.

Here you will feel once more

The blood beating through your veins.

Remember yourself.

Listen. There is your heart song.

Allow yourself to weep,

Allow yourself to sing.

One, two , three inhale and roar.

One, two, three take a chance and soar.



Cannot force love before its time.

Let it come gently,


So it be

Like a feather

Floats in time as it falls

Of its own sway and rhythm;

Its own accord.

When eager and fast hands try to clasp it,


Wishing to

Grab it out of impatience,

The air currents agitate

And stir keeping it just out of reach.


Find joy right where you are

Allowing things to flow

And come to rest where they may.

There, is love.

Soul Light


It’s not like i can’t take being tough.

Or someone being rough.

It’s not like I am so fragile I will break.

It’s just I am getting tired of holding things at arms length.

My senses have grown fatigued

Waiting for a battle that might just be the end of me.

My defenses have laid to rest

From lack of will I guess.

I think I am ready to rest a while.

I would love to wallow in love.

It is all I have been thinking of.


While my heart is beating.

All the while I am healing

Wrapped in a cocoon shielded from the storm

That rages within and without.

Myself invisible to those who come around

With malice in their hearts.

And when I am ready to emerge,

The pain and sadness purged,

Nothing will be able to penetrate

What my soul light

Was able to


Innermost Longing


Here I sit.

I cannot sleep yet I am exhausted.

I want to laugh.

I want to cry.

I want to curl up in the closet.

I want to run beside the ocean.

I want to scream.

I want to sit atop a mountain and feel the wind in my hair.

Feel it stroke my face.

I want to dance and laugh and sing until I collapse.

I want to forget.

I want to stand tall, walk forward

And never look back.

I want my heart back in one piece.

I want to sleep and dream and I want to wake up feeling safe with a  smile in my heart.

I want to trust.

I want to let go and love,

Hold nothing back.

I want to lean and rest my soul.

I want to breathe.

I want to break the surface.

I want to revive my heart.

I want to give a piece of me without regret.

I want to break the chains my heart and mind have bound me in.

I want to sigh.

I want to cut the anchor and soar.

I want to speak softly and be heard.

I want to lie in a field of flowers and watch the clouds drift by and listen to the wind caress the trees.

I want to believe in myself.

I want to be.