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In Between


Some of those days were

Absolutely glorious.

And i do not wish to cloud such

Memories with my overthinking

Adult mind,

Just relish in my childhood recollections

Of crisp fall days

And running.

Running until my lungs burned

And i fell to the




Joyful without

Over analyzing

And immersed

In the innocence.

Oh my childhood friends,

What times were had by us

In our little realm of

Make believe;

Escaping our volatile realities together,

If only in moments, to carry us to the next.

The in between times.





Only a heartbeat

Between us.

Altering senses.

Time collides within.

Skin feeling what no other

Has felt.


Seeing that which no other has seen.



In the hush.

Words have no meaning, no form,

No need.


We soothe our restlessness.

In the stillness we move.

Synchronized breath becomes us

As we disappear.

Realities merging

To unbecome.

Exquisite rapture with each movement

In the hush.

No longer a mirage.



Sing sweet. Sing slow to me.

In the sun,

In the night.

Keep tapping on my heart.

We get so confused,

So lost and overwhelmed.

Let so many doubts fill our eyes

When we know

The truth.

The truth.

We get so afraid

Of rejection, of love.

But this life, this most beautiful life

Live with your heart open,


We are all skin and bone here

On this plane,

This reality.

But love,

Love is in all planes.

It is the only

Steadfast reality.

Love, Love, Love.

A Poet’s Seduction



You lure and entice.

A poet’s seduction.

A maker of sighs and smiles.

Words of reality woven

Into the inkĀ of fantasy

Until you cannot tell

Which one you have become.

Which one you yearn for.

Words caressing your heart and mind.

Finding their way into depths

Even you yourself cannot find.

Tempting and tantalizing

Between passion and longing.

Loneliness and belonging.

Lust and hate

Love and distaste.

You’ve left yourself

Bargaining for

More than a phrase.