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This dusty radio sits by the window.

Sunlight through blind slits highlights


A slow dance of sorts.

It does not work now though,


I hear the memories of music and slow conversations,

Laughter and tears.

Residual smoke scent and I cough.

I try to turn it on again,

Click, click, hope.

I put a plant on top of it now.

New life supported by


She does look beautiful.

Still silent.

Sneak Out


Let’s sneak out after midnight.

Meet me down the road.

We’ll go running through the field.

Nobody will know.

Bring your father’s bourbon

And a radio too.

We’ll listen to some music,

Maybe dance a song or two.

I’ll bring us a blanket

And wear my yellow dress.

The one I wore last summer,

The one you like best.

We’ll lay down with each other,

Not breathe a single word.

Because we know what our hearts are saying,

Nothing that can be heard.

We’ll count the stars to a million.

We’ll laugh until we cry.

We’ll hold each others hands,

Watch the lightening bugs make fire in the


And I can’t wait to see you.

Can’t wait to breathe you in.

Can’t wait to see your laughing eyes

And do it all again.

*originally published November 2015 @choleintodiamonds*