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Different rules in every mind.

Each crossing different lines that they deem acceptable exceptions,

Then getting angry when others

Do their own thing.

Always someone going faster,

Always someone going slower.

So many minds with so many thoughts on how it should be,

Arguing over who is right and who is kinder.

(if we could only hear ourselves arguing over who is kinder )

If we could only see ourselves puffing out our chests believing we have won.

This is not a game,

(Sometimes it feels like it has turned into one big game).

Who is smarter, who has it harder.

Everyone telling,

Very few listening,

Truly listening.

Many clamoring knowing

A little piece about so much.


Unawareness spread out into little bits.

A couple thoughts on this and that

Knowing nothing about nothing.

Anger rising without sense.

Few just let it be and see.


Are comfortable enough with this journey to

Observe and listen

And Be.

There is always more to learn,

In turn becoming quieter.





In the quite hours,

When magic flows and

Shadows are full,

We lie untroubled.

Hushed heartbeats pure, gentle and full.

Arms embracing wholly

Sacredness of the soul,

And share secrets

Unuttered in the


She Sees Herself


No one has really ever known her.

Seen her.

It is because she seldom speaks up.

She is so tired of

Trying to be heard above the noise.

She does not share her stories anymore

So others just see her smile.

They feel her hugs.

They think she is the quiet girl,

The frail one

Because she is kind.

She is learning that she does not have to explain to anyone.

She used to try but her lips stop her now.

And her heart.

Someday she will meet someone who truly sees her.

Until then she sees herself and that is enough.

For You


I won’t ask about your


For I know he is deceased.

I will not ask about your


I know she shattered you to pieces.

I will,


Offer you a safe space

To lay it all down.

A space to heal.

A place where you can feel the

Sanctity of your soul.

Where it will remind you

That you are whole.

I offer you love and kindness.

A quiet time to recover your heart and


And there you can mend without