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Oh my dear soul

Your skin,

Your heart and mind,

Have become saturated

With the ulterior motives

Of others.

It is time to take a step back

And get to know yourself.

Immersing in your own golden light,

These things will slough off and away

Leaving you to shine as


True Self.

Pure illumination.



We all know it happens;

The quickness of life

Though we love and live

Like like we have so much

Time on our hands.

Fooling ourselves into thinking tomorrow

We can

Be love.

Tomorrow we can

Show love.

Expecting mind readers in our midst to know our thoughts and feelings.

Staying silent and planting ourselves firmly

In our justification

Of blame.

There is this moment and there

Is you.

Do not put it on others to be love.

Create the ripple effect within


Be the never ending

Beginning of love.



He (she too) knows he is called strange
And beautiful in the same breath.

His (her) delight in life contagious

But then

Given time

And the right mix of elements

He (she does) crashes

And no words nor touch

Can reach him.

Blinded and numb.

He regresses.

He recoils.

(She turns within)

For no one can save him and he knows this.

They do not fathom the depths

Of despair.

(She knows)

He can hold his breath longer

For he knows at the surface

The darkness waits unbidden.

It always waits

Unbidden and unseen by others.

(They do not see it

They do not feel it)

And they lose patience

Going on their way

To fill their own void for they cannot hold their

breath any longer.

(She is still there)

And he resurfaces.

Returns from the untime

To be aware.

Skin tender, jaw tight

Legs jelly

And goes on.

Invites others from empty tables to join him.

Holds others when their arms are too full

And smiles

Because he is thankful they have not swam so

deep into the darkness as he.

(He sees remnants of shadows on her eyes)

We Have Each Other


I followed him into his garden.

And there we held each other

And listened as our hearts sang in


The sky darkened

And that is when I heard


Weeping silently.

We wept together

Holding on until our hearts began singing a familiar song.

And as the sky cleared we heard others singing out too,

“We have each other.

We have each other.”