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Standing on the shore;

Ocean spray on my lips.

Sands of time and shells at my feet.

Sky opening wide above me.

I feel as if it is endless.

They think it is not.

I know it is.





Fighting the river.

Cursing the canyon walls.

Concussed and disoriented.

Hands bloody and scratched trying to

Climb your (our) way out

When all you (we) need to do

Is let this wild river

Carry you (us) through

To the ocean

While you (we)

Enjoy the view.

Journey On



I cherish a sunburnt country for the red dirt did

Cradle and heal my spirit.

I have felt the enduring passion of  my English garden

And I forever keep the

Mountains of the far north in my soul.

I have felt the caress of oceans from east to west in my heart.

The southern sun has kissed my skin with hope.

They have all given what I need in moments,

In those times when I did not know what I was in search of.

I love them all and owe them everything;

I am owned by none.

I rise each day and journey on in trust.

She Asks For Nothing


She asks how you are doing.

You have a short 


The whole time

Her heart screaming inside her


“I am so lonely.

So goddamn lonely.”

Her brain holding the dam straight and strong against

The welling of tears.

And she laughs.

She hugs you

A little longer than you feel comfortable so

You let go


“Let’s catch up soon”

And she glances to the ocean.

The ocean who is always calling.

And she thinks how much she longs to go to her.

“The ocean will hold me as long as I need

And stroke my tangled hair.”

She asks for nothing

In return.

“And i do not need to speak.

I walk on to where i need to go

Leaving the ocean for


She waits for my return.”

Her heart beating morse code,


Wait for me. Wait for me.




I took a moment
To swim
To the shore
Of the ocean,
This my life.
And i stood  and pondered once again.
My bare feet in the warmth of the sand.

My breath taken away by the wind.
This beautiful ocean

blue, green and gray
Is me.
It Is deep and endless.
The reflection
Stuns me as the sun rises,
As does everything in between.
That which begs still to be explored.
I am ready
Come what may
To dive back in.

What unknown part of me shall i delve into Next?