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In Front of Me


The sun rose gently today,

I am thankful for that.

Giving my eyes time to adjust;

Delicate light

Touches stone

And cactus.

Life around me

Stretches and yawns at once.

The birds join in

As they announce the arrival of day once again,


In synch with the natural rhythms of life.

The sun has peaked the horizon

And now burns my eyes.

For this I am grateful as well,

To set myself free of yesterdays burdens

And confusion

With breath and light,

For this is the world

Right in front of me.




There are years my heart has been

So heavy

I have fallen into shadows.

I closed my window and slipped

Into a restless sleep

Missing the entirety of springs tender arrival.

Waking on a

Morning to summer suns glare

And a fierce heat upon my skin,

The smile came naturally to my lips

Once more.