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In between


And all of the sudden you came to mind

And my throat swelled

And my heart beat stronger.

I wanted to weep,

As if today was the day

We last spoke.

I sat with you in the forefront of my my mind for a while

And held you there, so grateful for the memories.

In time i tucked you back behind my ribcage

And left you with my soul

Where we reside in between time.

I once again turn up the music and dance.




What’s done is done.

This moment,

What is yet to come.

My mind keeps



And wondering.



And forgetting.

Let sleep come none to soon

And carry me to dreamland

Where no one

Restrains these


These imaginings and reminiscings in

Sweet, vivid colors

As I dance through fallen

And falling leaves in the deep

Magical forest.

Snowflake flurries.

My amusement and joy magnified

In kaleidoscopic colors and melodies.



Peaceful breaths.

Universal Beat


When I Move,

When I dance, sing or speak,

I am all countries

And language recalls the root of one.

I am the beauty of the stillness in every flowing moment,

More than

A galaxy believed to be contained

And constructed in the mind.

For music


Soul speak

And rhythm

Is the

Universal ancestral beat


From the beginning to the future existing beyond.

More than mere cosmos conception.

Hear it. Be.

Infinite resonation.

Alternate celestial awakenings.

Harmonious cell vibration.

Close your eyes and become.

Welcome ascension.


Sneak Out


Let’s sneak out after midnight.

Meet me down the road.

We’ll go running through the field.

Nobody will know.

Bring your father’s bourbon

And a radio too.

We’ll listen to some music,

Maybe dance a song or two.

I’ll bring us a blanket

And wear my yellow dress.

The one I wore last summer,

The one you like best.

We’ll lay down with each other,

Not breathe a single word.

Because we know what our hearts are saying,

Nothing that can be heard.

We’ll count the stars to a million.

We’ll laugh until we cry.

We’ll hold each others hands,

Watch the lightening bugs make fire in the


And I can’t wait to see you.

Can’t wait to breathe you in.

Can’t wait to see your laughing eyes

And do it all again.

*originally published November 2015 @choleintodiamonds*



Childhood days.

There was a tiny little apartment building next to our trailer park.

Sometimes on a summers evening a man would stand by his open window and play the bagpipes.

A private concert for us.

Whoever heard first would shout to the rest of us.

We all would clamor and climb the fence to sit on top of it,

To watch and listen.

It was eerily quiet when he stopped and closed his window. At least until we climbed down off the fence

To resume playing whatever it was we were playing in our imaginary world.

The momentary suspension of time


Never spoke to him

But enjoyed the music.

Still remember the mystery and fascination with the melodies.



The cats is watching me

Wondering if i am okay.

I am watching

The liquid

In my cup

As it moves to the beat of vibrations


Through the table top

From the stereo.

Base pulsing.

And I am lost in

No particular time.

I cannot feel the blood in my veins,

I do feel the pulse of the music as does the

Liquid in my cup.

We dance together.

The cat still watches.