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There is a lump in my throat today

(Cannot seem to spit it out).

I used up all of my adrenaline

A long time ago.

(Fight or flight)

Everyone is in such a hurry here.

They speed up when the light is


Just to slam on their brakes and

It makes no sense.

I long to return to the mountains

And hear the ravens call my name.

(They know me well)

Mountain Air


I sleep under the open sky.

I beckon

The night mountain air come take

Me away.

I wish to drift through the trees

The pines and the rocks;

Dance over cliffs and through valleys

By the light of the moon.

Invisible and silent.

I will caress the wings of the owl as she hunts;

I am the cool air the wolf inhales deep,

That which brings the longing and power

To her howl.
I beg the wind

Come drench my soul

And take me home.

Journey On



I cherish a sunburnt country for the red dirt did

Cradle and heal my spirit.

I have felt the enduring passion of  my English garden

And I forever keep the

Mountains of the far north in my soul.

I have felt the caress of oceans from east to west in my heart.

The southern sun has kissed my skin with hope.

They have all given what I need in moments,

In those times when I did not know what I was in search of.

I love them all and owe them everything;

I am owned by none.

I rise each day and journey on in trust.



Wild and free can be anything.

To me it is wandering in the woods off trail.

Eating fresh raspberries and blueberries

While listening for wild animals that may come.

As a young girl,

Taking off alone to

Ride that beautiful white mare

Bareback up mountainsides so steep

And through Forests so deep.

Her mane in my bare hands and my legs holding tight with every change in direction

And lunge.

Giggling when I turned corners and almost falling off

When she reared.

Finding bear tracks in mine upon returning back to where I


Catching the curious eyes of a lynx

And hearing the thump of a beaver tail,

The squeak of a porcupine in a tree.

The sweet smell of dirt and rain

And the silence of heaven in the wind singing in my ears.

Trusting myself and the earth.

In those wild and free moments

I died and was reborn again and again.

They saved me from death.

I understand now.

Winter Morning


Writing this winter morning.

Thoughts so flitting,


Coffee steaming,


Snuggled in a blanket looking

Out frosted windows.

The kitty does not know what she wants

Jumping on my lap,

Then down.

I lose myself for moments

Distracted by the sunrise 

Over distant mountains.

On beats my heart a little louder.

Once again it grows stronger.

I recognize my courage.

Mother Earth


Mother Earth sings her song.

It is in the dirt,

The wind,

The water of the raging rivers

And the peaceful ponds.

The trees and the mountains.

The lion and the sparrow.

We think we do not know her song

But we too are her song.

We have only become distracted

For her music is in our very cells.

The blood of our ancestors.

Be still, your soul

And listen.

This song never pauses.

Sing with her once more.

You and I


This is the passion that is in us,
You and i.
It is in our blood,
Our very being.
There is no
In the heart or mind
Nor the soul.
Through peace
And turmoil
There has been no choice.
We are.
We will be.
From before the before,
The now
And ever always
You and I.
And as the wind blows
And mountains fall
You and i
You and i
Stay unfaltering.