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Mountain summer night.

Watching the stars wink in and out of sight.

The breeze

Brushes a wisp

Of my hair into my mouth

And I throw my head back

Laughing aloud

At the illusions.


Campfire and Stars


Caught between gazing at


And stars.


Coyotes out in the beyond,

Their chorus echoing

In this

Clear night air.

The moon is hiding her glow behind

The mountain.

Neither here nor there;

I am most certainly under a spell.




I asked you to slow down,

I could not keep up.

So you trudged on ahead

Never looking back

And i lost sight of you

Out there.
I came to a division of many


Where i took a moment to rest,

My strength dwindling.

And i waited.

I waited

And i counted the stars.

I took shelter in the trees


At any moment

You might return

To me.
I woke to a cold frost 

And realized i could not stay without nourishment and shelter

Through more seasons.

And had to choose a path

One that did not lead me to you


Mountain top

Where i could see

Many other peaks in front of


And there my whole body

Was filled with a sense of 


Much time went by

And you found me

But you were angry

I did not wait longer for your return.

I will no longer apologize for the natural need to take care of myself.
And on I went without you 

On to the next valley

And on to the next peak

And i took my own breath away

As each day i

Stood up.

To Wake


The sun has risen over the mountains
And beckons my sleepy eyes to open
Will i tend to my hope or despair before i begin this day?
(Sometimes i do not completely shake despair in my dreams)
My eyes see hope as the sun rises higher over the mountain peaks
And my heart is filled with beauty as the birds sing to me.
My mind still struggles thinking maybe i should

Stay in bed and relent to despair
But i know to climb the mountain
(She is always calling my name)
Is the only way to grow stronger
In truth of self

Another beautiful morning
Another miraculous
To wake breathing
To wake
To see the sky
Another chance
To take new steps
To know myself
That is what mountains do
With beauty and grace
They offer no mercy
Yet help you become
Mountains keep you humble

The higher the altitude
The more my lungs are forced to work
And i grow stronger for it

Always Knows


I wander freely
Journeying the valley floor.
And when I am worn and weary
I rest my bones
On the rivers edge.
I listen to her song;
Wonder at
Her ever changing beauty

Magnified through icicles and frost.
I see the snowy mountains rising

Thoughts of past and future leave

Here I am.
And I remember
These songs resuscitate my heart;
Settle my mind.
Mother Earth always knows how to

Speak to my soul.

She knows without hesitation

What to say in the silence.



Yes I have an affinity




Getting lost.

Kind words and lip gloss.

SingingĀ in the rain

And record players.

Wind in my hair



Dancing by myself and stranger’s grins.

Sand in my toes

And the smell of mountain air

On my skin.

So many little things that go so far.

Yes they make me smile.

You see

These little thingsĀ save me

From myself.