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At Once


You are my deepest dream

Set free on a harvest moon.

I sang my song

And you came

Along at once.

You joined me,

Dancing in fields of blue.


I Do



15 years old
Asleep on the wooden
In a sheep station in the

Someone woke me.
All was still.
I could hear the heavy breathing of deep slumber from those around me.

And through the windows shone glorious
Like none my eyes had seen before,
Lighting up the night
Like the sun.

Carefully i rose from my
Sleeping bag
So as not to disturb the others
And tiptoed to the door.

Such excitement filled my blood
As i stepped outside.
The moon
She showed herself
In such splendor,
Super moon
So big
On the horizon
She touched my soul.
My heart swelled to greet her
And my tears thanked her.

I believe I was cleansed that night
As the others dreamt,
I lived.

There i was
Standing in the red dirt
Glowing  beneath my feet.
Ancient voices
Whispering to my heart.
Ancient ghosts holding my hands
Showing me
Teaching me
Without words.

Holding  me in love.
Bathing me in holy light.
I do believe in magic.

At This Time


At this time

You may not require the burning light

Of the sun

To revive yourself.

It might feel too harsh and the heat

Much too


Sometimes it is the gentle


Of the moonlight you may wish for

To enlighten your heart.

The moon.

 Ever steady,

Waxing and waning.

Both the moon and the sun give light freely.


 Have their own gift to offer

A soul in need.