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I do not understand

Where it is you are

Reaching me.



Setting off a cataclysmic


An eruption of thoughts


My synapses are firing steady

Filled with light and electric love.

Shaking cells flowing,

Skin tingling. Hair raising.

I feel your presence ,

Your direct approach

As you breech my perimeter.

Matter altering magic,

Eyes out of focus.

Senses magnified and restless as i smell

The charge in the the air.

I await your arrival in the veil.

A quantum kiss.

Out of mind and body.

Here, there,


Dissolving to





The first chord
And I am taken back
To days
Gone by.
Mamma cooking in the kitchen with
Her favorite apron on.
Her cheeks rosie
And heart full.
Dad sitting back on the couch,
A big grin on his face.
Christmas records playing.
And laughter echoing
Through our
Tiny trailer insulated in snow.
Neighbors, friends and family crammed in every nook
As we celebrated
The holiday season.

(cigarette smoke filled the air and alcohol flowed amidst the peaceful chaos)
We could not help but touch for there
Was no room to hide.
We did not have much
But we had each other.
Ups and downs,
Good and bad.
We wore our love without shame.
Our humanness on the inside reaching out.
Pulling each other through the endless
Cold winter nights.
Each of us our own shade of light
Together creating a beacon to keep

We magnified each others hearts with love.