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Hot coffee in my hand.

Through fog

Christmas lights glow

As the snow begins

A gentle decent,

Dancing with the breeze

In the air.

A farewell to the sky

As the snowflake kisses

My skin, dissolving.

On to my morning destination

Loving the frigid sensation.

My senses now fully


Brilliance True


Hello Milky Way.

I have been longing to see you again.

These city lights,

They block your luminosity

And leave me stumbling to find my way.

I struggle to find direction

Without stars to guide me.

Artificial radiance shines bright like a beacon

Until you get close enough to

Realize their lack of heat within.

I close my eyes and begin again,

Having faith in my own intuition.

I know the truth.

We know the truth.

The stars are ever steady

With brilliance true.