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Be mindful

Those generational ghosts you bring forward;

Those in your own heart and mind which no Longer


We are teaching children to fear them.

We are born fearless.

We are born fresh and

We are born free of past regrets.

Do not dump your unhealed bits on them, the Children.

Lessons abound from the past. Still, let us refrain from planting our pain in the child’s heart.

All Around


I sense you but I know


From which direction.

All around me it seems.
Waste no time in learning your lessons this journey


You promised you would find me

Once again


This life.

Where are you now?
I run  knowing I must

Go to the river

Most hastily.
There i submerge myself completely

Knowing that

Someday the same water that touches


Will in someway

Caress you.
On it goes,

And on and on.

Whether raindrop, river or ocean

It makes its way to you;

As will my heart.