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Great tress manicured;

Cut and shaped to fit lest they overgrow

Space allotted them.

Aesthetically pleasant.

Cut the branch,

Rake the leaves.

Make it look like they never let go a mess to


The old and become

Stronger and taller.

Invisible cages even for them,

The mighty oaks.

Still they keep straining to grow to their full potential so naturally;

Roots creeping underneath us all as we go

About this and that.

This and that.


Light Filter


The air is chilly now and I am wishing I had

Thrown on a sweatshirt.


Lay down in the ground on my belly

And prop my chin up on my hands.

The evening sun is getting lower and I love

To watch as light filters through all of the different petals and leaves.

If I squint my eyes it looks like millions of stars

Are resting amongst the flowers just like me.

Love Through Winter



But I breathe.

I hear a sigh escape your lips

As you see the colors too.

As you see the wind pulling the leaves from the trees.

They do their final dance for us.

And they return to the


That nourished them.

Some ride the wind so delicately.

Others seem out of control

As if fighting the pull of gravity.

Ultimately they all fall.

We endure.

I feel the warmth of your skin


You move closer.

This knowing between us,

It is time to hold each other.

This sorrow,

We must let it envelope us

If we are to ever love through winter.

*originally posted November 3, 2015*


Summer Dreams


Summer dreams.

I think of them as my


Step on and crunch

The crispy leaves that have fallen on this path

Before me.

The lucky ones fall to the forest floor

Where no human

Makes their way.

The lucky ones;

Reabsorbed into the



I will tuck those dreams in for the winter,

To sleep now

And reawaken them in spring;

Though maybe they will have changed by then.

We might not know each other anymore,

These summer dreams and I.

Summer Ran


Crunchy leaves
brown, orange, yellow
Under my feet.


try to step lightly
It is no use.
The bench is empty,

Waiting for my company.
The swing set too

Swings so lonely.
Rusty bolts add color to the gray.
The schoolchildren
Are tending to books
I am trying to count the clouds
They join into one and block the sun.
Ran away.



Like a phantom
Time has

Stolen itself away

I always thought i would  return home
Whenever i like
Only now

mom and dad
Are both long gone

Still i step upon familiar streets
Still i walk barefoot
The grass reminds me

unspoken hurts

unspoken love

Laughter echoes in my heart
Cigarette smoke
Clouds my eyes

I see them there
Amongst the fall leaves.
Fallen dreams
So quickly tossed about
Children playing tag
With no
Paid to time.
And i smile.

Spring Once More


Spring is springing once more.

Tender buds beginning to peak,


New life

Bursting through damp soil;

 Up beyond last falls sacrificial

Leaves released by trees.


Awakened by the

Love of the sun.

Shoots of green growing new among trees

Joyously joining

Wise old branches of time.

And again and again it ends and begins

As we come and go.

A natural knowing among earth and sky,

Moon and sun.

Each taking their turn.

Their ways unspoken

In the

Natural knowing.