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Bird keeps singing his song

As I approach the tree

So sweet

The melody.

I stop and close my eyes to listen


Letting this music swirl around me.

And I open my eyes

In spring sun glare

Taking a few steps closer.

He stays unafraid

And his song is all I hear

Now amidst this chaos in my mind.

Forgetting human language for a time

I am steady.

Universal Beat


When I Move,

When I dance, sing or speak,

I am all countries

And language recalls the root of one.

I am the beauty of the stillness in every flowing moment,

More than

A galaxy believed to be contained

And constructed in the mind.

For music


Soul speak

And rhythm

Is the

Universal ancestral beat


From the beginning to the future existing beyond.

More than mere cosmos conception.

Hear it. Be.

Infinite resonation.

Alternate celestial awakenings.

Harmonious cell vibration.

Close your eyes and become.

Welcome ascension.