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She is fine

Until she falls

And then

She crawls.

But no one sees you when

You are beneath

Their feet,

It does not occur to them at all,

Unless they too have



For they know without a doubt,

Recognizing the sound

Of a barely beating heart.




Oh my dear soul

Your skin,

Your heart and mind,

Have become saturated

With the ulterior motives

Of others.

It is time to take a step back

And get to know yourself.

Immersing in your own golden light,

These things will slough off and away

Leaving you to shine as


True Self.

Pure illumination.

Think What You Will


You can think what you will of me

For you do not know me.

And your thoughts do not affect me

Unless i allow them to.

How simple,

Yet how tangled we become in things


And even if you do not listen

I will listen.

And so it goes

And so it is.

And here we are

With little choices every moment

That lead to big choices

In the one moment.

And so it goes

And so it is

And here we are.
Even if we live in the same house

We do not walk in the same shoes.

She Sees Herself


No one has really ever known her.

Seen her.

It is because she seldom speaks up.

She is so tired of

Trying to be heard above the noise.

She does not share her stories anymore

So others just see her smile.

They feel her hugs.

They think she is the quiet girl,

The frail one

Because she is kind.

She is learning that she does not have to explain to anyone.

She used to try but her lips stop her now.

And her heart.

Someday she will meet someone who truly sees her.

Until then she sees herself and that is enough.