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We all know it happens;

The quickness of life

Though we love and live

Like like we have so much

Time on our hands.

Fooling ourselves into thinking tomorrow

We can

Be love.

Tomorrow we can

Show love.

Expecting mind readers in our midst to know our thoughts and feelings.

Staying silent and planting ourselves firmly

In our justification

Of blame.

There is this moment and there

Is you.

Do not put it on others to be love.

Create the ripple effect within


Be the never ending

Beginning of love.




her mind was quite broken you see.

for so long the road to healing has been most tedious.

she has had to learn to allow herself grace

and tenderness unapologetically

she has had to learn she does not need to justify this to


for even she was unaware that those wounds were too painful to touch

that even her skin was deeply bruised

with heart and mind

and this takes time

giving herself space to grow new strength


and nurturing her own roots

and spirit

which ultimately remain


love and tenderness for oneself grow freely when welcomed

and cared for unconditionally