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I leave the house in a hurry

And forget to glance in the mirror.

I return home late afternoon.

When I finally set eyes upon my own reflection,

I smile as

I see not much has changed since yesterday.

Bring Them Home


We rise to the highest point

We see.

We bring with us

A flame,

One that has withstood much pain.

And with the flame comes much desire

To burn,

To burn.

To burn

Much higher.

To be seen by all

Who are fighting far from shore.

Far from home.

Their sight dim.

So burn brighter than before.

Burn brighter for the whole.

To bring,

To bring,

To bring

Them home.



Like a phantom
Time has

Stolen itself away

I always thought i would  return home
Whenever i like
Only now

mom and dad
Are both long gone

Still i step upon familiar streets
Still i walk barefoot
The grass reminds me

unspoken hurts

unspoken love

Laughter echoes in my heart
Cigarette smoke
Clouds my eyes

I see them there
Amongst the fall leaves.
Fallen dreams
So quickly tossed about
Children playing tag
With no
Paid to time.
And i smile.

My Home


on the open road again

sunlight in my eyes

windows down

and the wild wind whipping my hair about

i breathe

and keep driving

with nowhere to go

radio turned off so

i can hear my thoughts

my heart

and the birds

i go down any road i wish

and soak in the beauty

i touch the beauty

this beauty that rescues me

and holds me up

reminds me everywhere is home

i am my home