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Shadows on the walls

Sun up high,

But I cannot move.


I know you have to go but I don’t want you too.

I feel I should have done more,

Said more.

There is never enough time when the end is coming.

Feeling selfish cause it is not all about me,


Yes it is because i love you so.

And you say the light is blinding

And you will always be here


I don’t care,

I just don’t care.

I want you here where I can see you.

I want you here where I can hold you.

I just want you here.

I know you are in pain

And i know you are strong.

As soon as we are born

We know we are going to move on

Doesn’t make it any easier.




Hides in your body

unknowingly swallowed

And it finds some cozy,

Safe place to hide

A muscle or tendon

And you

Think you have gotten


Or over



You neglected the hardest part,

Going through the depths of yourself to purge it.

Find it there

Gather it up and hold it there

In love

In patience.

The tension has been there long

Allow it to be.

These parts of you long for love.

Set yourself free and gaze into yourself

Allowing your love to soften and release

Into the stillness,

One at a time,

Each piece that has planted itself in you out of fear.

And honor your path to healing

For it is yours alone.



Your mind opens a portal.

I see you shining bright.

A rhythmic pulse singing.

Internal sight breathing.

And I want to grasp you and hold you tight.

But, you cannot hold light

So I close my eyes and feel myself dissolving, Transforming.

Light I become in our union.

This is just the never ending


Wave upon wave upon wave.